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If you’ve spent any amount of time around motorcycle culture — or you own a bike yourself — you know that a high-quality motorcycle jacket should act as a foundational piece to any biker’s wardrobe.


If you’re new to motorcycles, you’re probably wondering to yourself: “What’s so important about adding a motorcycle jacket to my biking wardrobe?”


First off, a premium motorcycle jacket is long-lasting and durable, and gives motorcyclists the sort of all-weather protection they need if they plan on taking trips in windy or rainy weather. Besides offering top notch protection from the elements, the best motorcycle jackets also come equipped with an assortment of internal and external pockets, making it easy for bikers to safely store their valuables before hopping on their bike.


But there’s also the aesthetic component that a beautiful jacket lends to any motorcyclist’s kit. After all, is there anything more classic — anything more idyllic — than wearing a black motorcycle jacket as you sit atop your Harley-Davidson and cruise through the countryside on a beautiful autumn evening? Unlikely.


If you’re looking for an eye-catching premium motorcycle jacket that offers you the durability and safety you’ve come to expect from high-end motorcycle apparel, scan the list below to find the best motorcycle jacket for you.


Aether Rally


Priced at $550, the Aether Rally is an exceptionally designed premium leather motorcycle jacket made for the bike enthusiast who appreciates lightweight durability and comfort.


One unique aspect of the Rally’s construction is that its fabric is coated in rubber, making the jacket completely waterproof. Indeed, we’ve worn the Aether Rally in extremely wet conditions ourselves, and are pleased to report that we remained completely dry for the duration of our ride.


Pagnol M1


For most people, black leather jackets represent motorcycle style at its most classic. For decades now, everyone from casual motorcyclists to the most die-hard biker gangs have worn black leather jackets when they’re out for a ride.


The Pagnol M1 has that timeless black leather look of the finest vintage motorcycle jackets, but also has well-placed perforation patches that will keep your body and underarms cool if you choose to take a cross-country trip during the summer.


Union Garage Robinson


For riders seeking out a khaki-colored jacket to wear for shorter, more casual motorcycle trips, the Robinson from Union Garage might be the perfect fit. The Robinson’s tan-colored fabric makes this a great crossover option if you plan on taking your date out for a spin on your bike.