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If you ever get bored of listening to generic radio talk shows, a great alternative is to check out a podcast. Thousands of podcasts exist on the internet for a variety of topics, and it’s more than likely you’ll be able to find a show that resonates with you if you dig. For example, you’ll have plenty of options if you have a love of motorcycles. Dozens of podcasts all about motorcycles exist on the internet, hosted by both enthusiasts as well as people working in the motorcycle industry. Here are a few great motorcycle podcasts to check out. 

Adventure Rider Radio

Hosted by husband and wife duo Jim and Elizabeth Martin, Adventure Riding Radio is about exactly that: adventure riding. They consider their show to be the world’s leading motorcycle podcast and release a new episode every week covering a variety of topics about motorcycles. They frequently share tips, stories, bike reviews and technology talk as well as sharing their own opinions and the opinions of the guests that join them each and every week.You’re even able to submit your own stories for them to discuss during the show.

Motowitch Collective

If you’re a female bike rider and are looking for a show that focuses more on women riders, check out Motowitch Collective. The host, Koji Helnwein, discusses the topic of motorcycles with women from all over the world and helps them share their own experiences with listeners. Stories usually involve adventures they’ve had, overcoming various problems, and setting world records, and the show covers a variety of motorcycle related topics such as the top South Korean female bikers. The shows are unfortunately not consistently released, but there is plenty of content to go back and listen to if this is up your alley.

The Full Tank Motorcycle Podcast

Full Tank is a newer motorcycle podcast that began airing in 2019 and is hosted by Rob of the Youtube channel Motobob as well as Tim from Rarefield Road. The goal of this podcast is to keep listeners up to date on all of the latest news involving motorcycles, from biker events to latest releases and much more. The hosts cover a variety of topics each episode (which can last anywhere from 30 minutes to 90) and if you join their private Facebook group they even give listeners the ability to vote on what topics they cover. This means if there’s something in particular you may want to hear about, you can likely get them to discuss it.