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Victory Motorcycle Brand Is Finished
Polaris Industries announced that the Victory Motorcycle brand will come to an end. The brand was started 18 years ago, but due to lack of market share and pressures to be competitive, the company decided that the time has come to put an end to it.

The company made the announcement a few weeks ago. However, Polaris’ Indian Motorcycle brand and its other divisions are not affected by the decision. Scott Wine, CEO of Polaris, said the company was winding down the Victory brand right away. Wine released a statement saying that Victory has struggled to become profitable.

Wine said the decision to end the Victory brand will increase Polaris’ profitable and improve their global motorcycle business. He added that the decision will make the company more competitive.

Polaris actually lost money on Victory in three of the past five years after sales of the motorcycles peaked back in 2012. Victory only accounted for around 3% of the company’s total sales. In other words, over the last few years Polaris hasn’t made much money with Victory.

The chances are this move will improve Polaris’ Indian motorcycle sales. In the market, Indian is second to Harley-Davidson.Some experts believe Polaris is doubling down on their Indian brand and the move is probably a positive one to make.

One interesting thing to note is that Harley-Davidson may not have the chance to capitalize on Polaris’ decision. This is because Davidson’s customer base is getting older and Indian Motorcycle’s share in the market has continued to grow.

Dealers that have any Victory motorcycles leftover will receive help liquidating them. Furthermore, Polaris will continue making parts for Victory bikes for the next 10 years, so dealers will still be able to order parts for their customers. Victory bikes were sold by around 400 dealers around the United States, but around 150 of those dealers sold Indian motorcycles alongside Victory bikes.

Polaris not only produces motorcycles. They also produce snowmobiles, ATVS and the Slingshot roadster. The company also makes other types of vehicles.

Indian motorcycles will continue to be made in Iowa and South Dakota, which is where Polaris’s plants are located. What’s unclear is the impact on jobs once the production of Victory comes to a complete end.

This is a good decision on Polaris’ part. It’s safe to say that Polaris’ Indian motorcycle brand could become more popular than Harley-Davidson, in terms of sales.

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