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Top 4 Motorcycles for Long Distance Riding

Top 4 Motorcycles for Long Distance Riding

These days, there are no shortage of options for ways to travel long distances. With so many options on the market there probably has never been a better time to hop on a bike and cruise the open road. While there are tons of motorcycles that are up for the job, the following four choices are a step above the competition for long-distance motorcycle travel.

KTM 1290 Super Adventure R

If you’re looking to hit the pavement and go off roading, this bike offers the all-around best way to do so. Its off-road focused 21 x 18-inch wheel combo allows you to pick and choose tires based on your current destination. Other features making it great for long distances include a 6.1 gallon gas tank, adjustable windscreen, TFT display to view trip info, and even cruise control if you choose. 


Looking for something a little more luxurious? The 1,649cc inline-Six delivers a smooth but powerful drive. Take advantage of its torque on twisty canyon roads or simply cruise down the highway. Tailor your ride to your preferences by adjusting the suspension electronically for smooth, cush rides. 

Honda Gold Wing

Since its inception in 1975, this motorcycle has been dominating the roads as the gold standard of long-distance touring. Comfort and wind protection keep you focused on the sights and the sleek engineering makes the bike feel light and maneuverable without exerting much effort. The only downfall is the slightly smaller storage space, but if you travel light, it won’t even matter. 

Yamaha Venture Transcontinental

Extra storage plus back support for the rider and passenger give this bike a major advantage for distance riding. Massive torque from the belt drive gives you more than enough power to drive up mountain roads while cruising in style with its 1960s muscle car appearance. Don’t forget all of the navigation, music, and bluetooth tools you’ll have right at your fingertips.

Best Motorcycle Trips to Take This Summer

Best Motorcycle Trips to Take This Summer

Warm weather is one of the best times to rev up your motorcycle and hit the open road. As summer rolls in, start planning for some amazing road trips. Hopping on your motorcycle is the best way to explore new places. For the summer, these are some awesome places to head to for a fun motorcycle ride:

California’s Pacific Coast Highway

The west coast is an optimal summer adventure. The California Pacific Coast Highway, also known as State Route #1, offers breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. The cool ocean breeze will make you feel like you’ve entered paradise. This route also has towns and attractions along the way for a memorable trip. Some of the best stops are the Santa Barbra Boardwalk, Montecito, Pismo Beach, and Sausalito. 

The Black Hills

Take a trip down to South Dakota and find the Black Hills for an unforgettable adventure. This is perfect for motorcyclists to do solo rides or head out with their friends. Follow the Needles Highway through the Black Hills to enjoy magnificent scenery and incredible views. Make sure to head out in August to experience the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and meet bike enthusiasts from all around the world.

The Tail of the Dragon

Ride through Tennessee and North Carolina to experience the Tail of the Dragon. This incredible route consists of U.S. Highways 129 and 318 was dubbed the “Tail of the Dragon” by motorists. It is one of the most famous and popular routes to take and stretches over a magnificent 11 miles. It offers riders tight curves, swift dips, and steep drops for an incredible and invigorating ride.

Peak-to-Peak Highway

For 60 miles of beautiful views and an exhilarating ride, take a summer trip along the Peak-to-Peak Highway in Colorado. This unbelievable route is known around the world as one of the most incredible places to ride. It goes through the Rocky Mountains with stunning scenery and the opportunity to explore the great outdoors. Bikers can take the opportunity to hop off their motorcycles and take a hike through the mountains for a truly amazing adventure that’ll mark a great summer.

3 New Harley-Davidson Bikes for 2020

3 New Harley-Davidson Bikes for 2020

The new year of 2020 is well underway and motorcycle enthusiasts have a lot to look forward to this year.  There are many new styles and innovations for motorcycles happening this year. Harley-Davidson, in particular, has an incredible new lineup. They have dominated the roads for years and this year is sure to be no different:

2020 LiveWire

The new 2020 LiveWire motorcycle features incredible power that is sure to make waves in the motorcycle community. In just three seconds flat, this powerhouse goes from 0 to 60. As soon as you twist the throttle, it is instant power without a clutch to release, no gears to run through, and you are off in a flash. It has a 146 city mile range and a high-voltage battery. Charging it couldn’t be easier thanks to the onboard Level 1 charger and power cord that connects to any standard household outlet that offers a full charge overnight. It also offers an even faster charge with a visit to any public Level 3 DC Fast Charge station for 80% charge in 40 minutes or 100% charge in an hour. 

2020 Forty-Eight

The 2020 Forty-Eight motorcycle is one everyone will be talking about. It is designed with incredible style featuring fat tires and a peanut tank. It has a signature bulldog stance and 1200cc of corner cranking torque. Its V-Twin engine allows massive low-end torque and the lightweight aluminum heads offer air-cooling efficiency. The fat front MT90 wheel gives rides an ultra-smooth ride and solid handling. The one word to define this bike is iconic. It offers the style and designs of the Forty-Eight’s before it, but with new unbeatable innovations to make the bike even greater. 

2020 Road Glide Limited

A great touring machine for the new year is the 2020 Road Glide Limited. This motorcycle has brand new features for a fuller ride for motorcyclists. It has a bold and distinctive style with a stunning black finish. It is equipped with a Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine as well as an H-D Connect Service that enables you to connect to your bike through your smartphone. Through the latest version of the Harley-Davidson app, you will be able to check your bike’s vitals, track its whereabouts, safety precautions, and much more. Although this bike has futuristic and innovative features, it keeps the classic and iconic look of Harley-Davidson. 

About Graham Zahoruiko

As Director of Organizational Effectiveness, Public Benefit Corporation, Graham Zahoruiko is leading greater corporate shareholder wealth, public benefit, and social responsibility. Graham gets to exercise a level of independence that is rare in the business world. He needs to rely on himself to deliver on what he has been hired to do. There are no shortcuts, only hard work, and self-reliance. These are qualities intrinsic to Graham Zahoruiko, so it is no wonder that they permeate through his personal life as well. Graham is a motorcycle enthusiast. His most peaceful moments are when he is astride his Harley-Davidson and on the open road. Again, independence is the key. The iconic images of the lone rider tearing across the pavement are certainly romantic, but there is an undeniable beauty to it as well. It is a part of American culture – the independent traveler forging across the country à la the pioneers during westward expansion. The public’s understanding of motorcycle culture is also influenced by popular films – Easy Rider, the Wild Ones, Mad Max. Biker gangs are often a popular trope in these films, echoed by real-world incidences. For instance, the Hell’s Angels at the Altamont Free Concert in 1969 and the violence that ensued.

Graham Zahoruiko was introduced to motorcycle riding as a child when his uncle would give him rides in the front yard. In those days, helmets were optional and Graham and his uncle found themselves on the ground from unsuccessful wheelies. These early experiences manifested themselves into a lifestyle on the bike. Riding has always been a thrill that Graham has enjoyed as it compliments his spontaneous personality. Graham Zahoruiko averages about 5,000 to 7,500 miles during the riding season — April through October — on his black 2013 Harley-Davidson Heritage Softtail Classic.

For Graham and motorcycle riders alike, the open ride provides an immense sense of freedom in the open air. Sometimes with no destination in mind, the motorcycle is the ultimate escape. The open road and the motorcycle community provides the opportunity to meet some of the kindest and most patriotic people. Whether it is a motorcycle rally, event or ride, you always have the chance to meet and learn from interesting people all over the country.

Motorcycle enthusiasts like Graham Zahoruiko have to fight against those negative connotations. To that end, Graham has been able to combine is the love of riding with another one of his passions – philanthropy. Graham regularly participates in fundraising events focusing on motorcycle riding. For example, the 9/11 Ride. The event is organized by America’s 911 Foundation, Inc., and is purposed to remember the heroes, volunteers and victims of September 11th, 2001. Preserving the memories of all those who answered the call on that horrible day is the charge of the ride, and for the best 13 years, they have been very successful. The Ride is an annual event where 100s of riders travel together en mass. For a thousand miles, the caravan rides in formation, visiting each of the three major 9/11 crash sites. The event has grown tremendously, where now major highway interstates are shut down entirely and thousands of spectators line the streets to cheer on the bikers and honor the fallen.