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Harley-Davidson is known for its powerful, solidly built bikes that it sends roaring down the road. The company’s division of Custom Vehicles Operations is sending out three new models with plenty of exciting features. The following models are based on Harley-Davidson’s touring bikes, with advanced technology to entertain, maintain, and power, a near-obsessive attention to detail, and finally show-stopping finishes.


2019 CVO Limited


The rider who wants features, style, performance, and luxury, expecting it all, will find it all here. The CVO Limited is the creation of the ultimate in long-range luxury and comfort for touring bikes. It boasts new Tomahawk wheels, 19-inch in the front and 18-inch in the rear, a new blaze red band featured on the engine rocker boxes, and new paint options all-told. Its collection of Kahuna features is also new, from shifter pegs to heated grips.


2019 CVO Street Glide


This custom bagger with its hot-rod performance, edgy styling, and mind-blowing, ear-pleasing premium audio system also boasts the blaze red band and some new Kahuna Collection features. These latter include a red inset of the Bar and SHield on some components such as shifter pegs, muffler end caps, and passenger boards. It offers new paint options as well.


2019 CVO Road Glide


There is no mistake to be made when witnessing a Road Glide. Its style is distinctive and menacing with a contrasting combination of long-haul comfort in a motorcycle built for performance touring. With the same blaze red band that marks the engine rocker boxes of the previous two models, the Road Glide is distinct in its new Fang front spoiler that displays dramatic lower bodywork. The Exclusive Knockout wheels are 21-inch front and 18-inch back, the only front wheel of that size offered factory-installed on a Harley-Davidson Touring model.


Three distinctive styling treatments are geared to appeal to a wide range of customer tastes. There are the bright chrome details and powertrain, a combination of bright and dark finishes, and finally a very dark look with fade or monochrome paint. The company’s CVO models aren’t just to feature the new technology, which includes a monitoring system for tire pressure, high-performance engines, and the new infotainment system, but also to reveal in situ new finish treatments as alternatives to the more traditional chrome look.