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graham zahoruiko Harley-Switchback

This weekend marks the beginning of the 2015 Texas State Harley Owners Group Rally, which is being held this year in Tyler, TX. It’s one of the biggest HOG rallies in the country, with thousands of riders (more than 3,000 are expected this year) congregating and participating in the parade. Generally speaking, East Texas is one of the best places for an event like this to take place because of its scenic beauty and relatively open roads.

Events like this aren’t just a lot of fun for people who own Harleys and motorcycle enthusiasts in general, they are great boons for the economies of the cities in which they take place. For example, many in Tyler hope and predict that about $2.5 million could be pumped into their economy from the influx of cash that is expected to be spent at local restaurants, hotels, and businesses.

At this time of year when the weather starts to get exceptionally nice, rallies begin to be held all around the country. The Harley Davidson Cruising the Coast spring rally is one such event which takes place in the Myrtle beach area, and there are countless others. There are similar economic expectations wherever they take place, generally with restaurants and hotels as the biggest beneficiaries.