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aprilia-tuono-v4-1100rrEvery year, bikers anticipate the new, awesome line-up of motorcycles that’ll be released in the upcoming year. Though most of us will never be able to try out all of these bikes, it’s fun to shop around and see what features are available and what reviews say about them. These bikes have been out for a while now, so we can get a clear idea of how they handle and which ones are the best to ride. Though opinions may vary, I’ve created a list of some of the best bikes of 2016.

  • Suzuki SV650

This bike is a great throwback to the original model from 1999 that was adored by many bike enthusiasts. The bike has the same look as the original and also uses the same engine and frame, though Suzuki assures the buyer that many parts were switched out and it isn’t merely a reissue of the classic. The horsepower is around 75 and the bike is lighter than its predecessors, which makes for a great ride.

  • Ducati Scrambler Sixty2

This Ducati bike has a great streamlined look, like a cross between two dirt-track and street fighter bikes. Because Ducati makes such high-quality bikes and it also based in Italy, these motorcycles can get pretty expensive, sometimes ranging over $10,000, though this bike is more affordable. It’s light, only around 400 pounds, and has a 399cc Twin engine, which means it isn’t as fast as some other models, though I think it makes up for it. The bike is fairly low to the ground, so it’s ideal for shorter or newer riders.

  • Kawasaki Z800

For a sportbike, the Z800 is ideal. It’s minimalist and the rider sits upright enough that you’ll be comfortable while riding, but it’s still a street 4905bike. This is the first year for this bike, so there will be a definite improvement in the years to come that will make it even more formidable.

  • Honda CBR300R

Honda has once again delivered with a sportbike that is affordable but doesn’t skimp on great features and an awesome ride. The newest version of this bike handles the highway better than previous models but is still good for canyon riding. It has a low weight (under 400 pounds) and is pretty sensitive. It even has ABS, which means it can be ridden when the roads are wet.

  • Harley-Davidson Softail Slim

While this bike isn’t cheap (it’s around $15,000), it’s quite affordable by Harley-Davidson standards. It’s lower than other Harley-Davidson bikes and also offers a great, sleek look. The Softail Slim is old-school and has a 103 cu-in motor that packs a huge punch. If you have some extra cash, check out the S model that has even more features.

  • BMW G310R

Though this bike only has a 300cc engine, which is much smaller than BMW’s usual for bikes, it’s the company’s first attempt at an entry level bike. The quality of this bike exceeded expectations, considering it’s BMW’s first attempt with such a small bike. The motorcycle has ideal weight distribution and it’s a thrill to ride.