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Once the heat of summer subsides, what better way to celebrate than taking a long, easy drive through the changing leaves? The United States boasts a number of beautiful, scenic routes to travel by motorcycle and take in the sites of changing leaves across the nation. Here are a few to explore.


Pig Trail Scenic Byway (Arkansas)

Named one of the top motorcycle rides in the U.S., this ride goes north from Clarksville to Oark. While the scenic route of the southern ride is noteworthy, the byway likely gets its name — and its reputation — from the wild twists and turns the road takes; one theory is that the road is reminiscent of a pig’s coiled tail, and it takes you through tunnels of trees that are sure to impress.


Skyline Drive (Georgia)

Contained within Shenandoah National Park, Skyline Drive takes about three hours to travel. Though this road has a low speed limit, appreciating the nature and wildlife like deer and black bears is worth the sacrifice.


Tunnel of Trees (Michigan)

Fall is the best time to travel this route, as you can embark on what’s known as the M119 Color Tour, where the trees that crowd the highway are bright with autumn colors. You’ll catch glimpses of the shoreline and pass through quaint towns as you travel, and the scenic journey is a memorable one.


Cherohala Skyway (Tennessee and North Carolina)

Stretching more than 40 miles, this wide mountainous road provides an enjoyable ride with a view. It cuts through a forest which, at its peak, is awash with color. With low temperatures and minimal rainfall, autumn proves to be an ideal time to travel this route.


Blue Ridge Parkway (Virginia and North Carolina)

With over 450 miles of roadway, the parkway provides an ample territory to explore. The rocky mountainside and vast wildlife offer a variety of sights to take in, and when you’re not enjoying the scenic overlooks, feel free to stop at the Smoky Mountain Harley Davidson, or one of the vehicle museums along the way.


Kettle Moraine Scenic Drive (Wisconsin)

Crossing from Elkhart Lake to Whitewater Lake, this route extends over 100 miles north to south through multiple counties. Along the drive are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the journey by hiking, fishing, camping, or visiting historical sites.